DT3’s Technology is built by a talented team of IT professionals with decades of transportation experience.

This experience transcends into every facet of our operating systems. We strive for constant investment in technology to better serve our stakeholders.

Our Technology platform is built with seamless integration. One point of entry sends data to our customer, carriers and internal team.

Our customers have the ability to see real time feeds of their freight, carriers can access our real-time load board and agents can have one point of input to post their loads with absolute transparency of their operations.

Our Technology Mission



Speed matters in freight and service.



All systems talk to one another. Increase efficiency and knowledge.



Adaptable to shippers and carrier’s transportation needs.

We Work On Any Platform

Dispatch Manager

View your freight, post freight, tender freight, book all with a click.

Match Your Freight With a Carrier

No more hassles in figuring out which carrier to tender your load to. Our technology will do the work for you. Need to connect with all of your carriers at once? We can do it with a click.


Load Booking is Seamless!

Rate Analysis

We have invested heavily to analyzing trends within your customer base. Our rate analysis model will allow you to outperform the market.

Customized Load Board

Posts automatically to industry leading load boards.

Track and Communicate

Send messages via text, email, or onboard devices.

Send rate confirmation within seconds.

Handle check calls electronically.

Track freight in real time.

Are you Carrier?

Or an Agent?

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